GENET honors local leaders for promoting girls’ rights in Dowa

Girls Empowerment Network (GENET) has honored local leaders in Dowa district in recognition of their contribution in the promotion of girls’ rights in the district. The local leaders who have been given certificates are from areas where GENET is implementing a project dubbed ‘Spotlight Initiative’ with funding from European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN). These are; Traditional Authority (T/A) Chiwele, Dzoole, Mkukula, Mponela and Msakambewa and these T/As have been given certificates. In an interview, GENET Spotlight Initiative Project Coordinator, Twambilire Kayuni said that her organization decided to honor the chiefs as one way of appreciating them for taking part in promoting girls’ rights. “The chiefs we have honored have been of great support in as far as promotion of girls’ rights is concerned in Dowa district. Hence, as an organization we decided to honor them by giving them certificates as one way of appreciating their work,” Kayuni said. Through the Spotlight Initiative project in Dowa district, in the year 2020 GENET introduced a mentorship program called ‘Safe space mentorship’ which among other things is seeking to empower girls with knowledge regarding their human rights in the district. With safe space mentorship program, the chiefs have been great key to the success of the program, according to Kayuni. “Through our safe space mentorship program, the chiefs have assisted us in identifying mentors and they have also helped us in making sure that the girls are attending the mentorship sessions very well. In short the chiefs have been great key to the success of the program,” she said. In his remarks, T/A Dzoole said that chiefs in the country play a great role in community development, however most of the times their works are not recognized. “As chiefs we do great work in as far as the development of the country is corned, however our works are mostly not recognized. Therefore I am pleased with what GENET has done for recognizing the work which we are doing to promote the rights of girls,” he explained.
Inkosi Chiwele
Inkosi Chiwele holding his certificate of recognition
Commenting on the same, Inkosi Chiwele expressed excitement for being recognized for his work. “I am very happy to receive the certificate of recognition from GENET, I did not expect that my work would someday be recognized,” Chiwele said. Apart from honoring the chiefs, GENET also gradated 1500 girls from Dowa district under safe space mentorship program.