Government optimistic in fighting climate change

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change Essienhower Mkaka, said if different stakeholders can join hands in fighting against climate change, which is continuing impacting the lives of Malawians, the battle can be easily won.

Speaking during the launch of Malawi's Revised Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in Lilongwe on Friday, Mkaka said climate change will continue impacting the lives of Malawians and there is a need of collaboration in fighting against the problem.

He further thanked the Japanese Government for helping the country with the contributions the country is taking in fighting against the climate change.

He added there is also an opportunity as a country in the fighting against climate change, in which almost 216 Thousand new green jobs could be implemented because of NDC.

"There is a need of 46 Billion US Dollars, in order to fight against climate change,with a target of 55 percent emission reduction by 2040, and Malawi will need 11,102 billion USD including external support estimated at 35,227 billion USD,and I urge different partners to join hands so that we can acheive our 2063 goals. Remember our aim in vision 2063, is to have clean energy, which will also assist the government to creat more clean jobs."

He further said Malawi is part of the world in fighting against climate change.

"As government we have put ways that will assist in fighting climate change, such as reducing prices of gas and also banning the selling of charcoal, by also planting more trees."

Mkaka therefore thanked the Japanese Government for taking a huge step in fighting against climate change in the country by contributing the the 3.8 Million USD to UNDP Malawi,as Part of Nationally Determined Contribution,(NDC).

Japanese Ambassador to Malawi, His Excellency Satoshi Iwakiri, futher promised that his government is part and parcel with Government of Malawi in fighting climate change by helping the country with smart technology and other advanced mechanisms in the fight.

"My government is helping African countries just fighting against climate change, and some countries such as Kenya and Tunisia are already start demonstrating ways of a fight."

Komatsubara: fight against climate change can be won

In his remarks, United Nations Development Project, Resident Representative Mr. Shigegi Komatsubara, said he is optimistic that the fight against climate change, can be won since countries across the world have shown commitment in addressing issues concerning climate change, by cutting down greenhouse emissions, which contribute global warming.

"The launch of NDC, will help the country's plans to cut emissions and a dapt climate change impacts, and UNDP is pleased to support the implementation of Malawi's NDC this year through the government of Japan."

Mean while the government of Japan has provided approximately 3.8 million US Dollars to UNDP Malawi, as part of a supplimentary budget, to support the implementation of the NDC, through improving access to clean and affordable energy, ecosystem and landscape restoration and climate resilient agriculture systems.