Government tips on potential fuel hike

Government tips on potential fuel hike

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola on Wednesday said the government is ensuring that the country has enough fuel supply in all filling stations despite other external forces such as natural disasters and the Russian Ukrainian war posing as a threat.

Matola who was in the company of Minister of Information and Digitalization Gospel Kazako made the remarks in Lilongwe during a press briefing under the banner Government Faces the Press.

He said it is the government's wish to ensure that Malawians are not struggling to find fuel and also the prices should remain stable.

"We do not want to find ourselves in a situation where people queue for fuel at filling stations for a long time, we are ensuring that our ports where the fuel is imported in the country remain passable," he said.

Matola said Russia being the main producer of fuel in the world, the war has negatively affected it's ability to supply fuel therefore also negatively affecting pricing in the world.

On this point, he said the government is assessing the fuel pricing around the world and Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority will in due course make necessary adjustments.

"Upward surge of fuel prices across the world cannot go unnoticed in most Southern African countries the prices have been adjusted upwards it is only in Malawi where prices are still stable," he said.

Minister of Energy, Ibrahm Matola (r) stresses a point as Minister of Information and Digitization, Gospel Kazako (l) listens on Pic. By Kondwani Magombo _ Mana

Minister of Information and Digitalization Gospel Kazako said Malawi does not operate in isolation, when other country's economies are struggling, Malawi is also affected therefore Malawians should not be alarmed when fuel prices are adjusted in due course.

 "The world's economies are intertwined they all function as one unit, therefore what affects other countries also affects Malawians," he said.

On this point Kazako said government will ensure that Malawians are not affected negatively by exorbitant prices hence thorough assessments will be made before price adjustments of fuel.

MERA Chief Executive Officer who was also present during the press briefing gave a synopsis of how fuel is being priced in different countries across the globe.

Fuel prices were last adjusted in October 2021, after the effects of COVID 19.