Govt rubbishes APM's claims

Government has rebutted former President Peter Mutharika's assertions that President Chakwera's Administration has failed Malawians.

Mutharika convened a press briefing at his Mangoch retirement home where he went to town saying the Tonse Alliance has achieved nothing though clocking a year in power.

According to Mutharika prices of basic commodities continue skyrocketing and the leadership seem to give it a blind eye.

"I call upon the President to act now as Malawians are suffering," said Mutharika.

Mutharika: Malawians are suffering under the Tonse administration

The former President who is also a Democratic Progressive Party-DPP leader told the media that he respects the Presidency and is ready to offer his support if he is approached to do so.

However, Government spokesperson, Gospel Kazako, has quashed Mutharika's claims as not true. He said President Chakwera has managed to do a lot of development initiatives in the country in a space of one year citing the Affordable Input Program as one of the examples.

"Had it been Mutharika was honest enough he could have mentioned that the country has surplus food under the leadership of Dr Chakwera through AIP. This administration has managed to pass other legislation in Parliament that have been infringing Malawians for a long time but Mutharika has chosen to skip those issues deliberately," said Kazako.

Kazako: Mutharika has intentionally chosen to overlook Tonse alliance success

On his party, the former President admitted that the DPP is divided at the leadership level and went on to say that it is weak in Parliament because of poor leadership.

"Let me concede that all is not well in our party, there are some people who want to take over from me so they are confusing people but let me assure our supporters that everything will be fixed soon," he said.

Malawi Congress Party's Secretary-General, Eisenhower Mkaka, has also dismissed claims by Mutharika that, ''MCP is dragging the country into a dictatorship.

Mutharika was flanked by among others; the Party's Vice President for the Central Region, and the DPP governors from all the regions.