Habusa Wikise cries to God on devil's work in Belu

After releasing his first song this year titled Kumabweza, Habusa Che Wikise, has also released another Godly song titled Belu in which he is crying to God to ring his final bell and end the world as the extent of sins is now worse. In the song, Wikise asks God to end the world since as years pass, the extent of sins in Malawi is worsening. The Chikamphulikire hitmaker opens the song by saying ‘Satana walisochelesa dziko kuno, Zinthu zoipa ayesa zabwino (nyasi), Koma ambuye zili kuno, anthu akonda ndalama kuposa moyo wa munthu’ mainly to depict one of the evil deeds people are doing in today's world. This is to say that they are doing any means to get money rather than to save the lives of people contrary to Word of God in the Bible which says to love others as the 10 Commandments that were given to Moses at Mount Sinai in the Old Testament says. To the Shabarakati hitmaker, this is the work of the Satan and it is so disgusting to him bearing in mind that money is the root of all evil. Wikise goes on to say ‘akakhuta migayiwa, amayambisa timabungwe ati orphanage chanichani, akalandila fund kukagula tima mira, nkumatishainila (kumatilanda akazi)’ to mean that most people are sourcing money from donors in the name of orphanage cares and faith based organizations mainly to use the money to buy cars and other fancy items just to show off to their friends in the society instead of using the funds in assisting the orphans who are just flocking in the streets. On the worse side, others are using the funds to steal other people's wives. Wikise : has released a new song titled Belu Wikise does not end on this line as he also highlights on the impact that has been observed on sex workers in Malawi where they now have their own movement called The Association of Sex Workers in Malawi which was even registered in Malawi and tends to hold 1 demonstrations and even seek for injunctions from the court on ideologies that they dislike or go against their way.  This is something new in Malawi as for over decades, this has never happened in Malawi. Sex Workers are now being seen on television and social media platforms demonstrating against government as it was evidenced when the government of Malawi laid some measures against COVID-19 outbreak that bars or clubs should be closed before 8:00pm in the evening. They protested against this by reasoning that they are not making enough money to support themselves. This has become a normal way of living for them and sex working is now been seen as a normal way of living instead of people preaching against it and finding better businesses for them rather than selling their bodies for money This is witnessed in the lines, ‘Can you imagine ambuye, azimayi oyima kuseli kwa Crossroads mpaka kukhala ndi association, kupanga ma demo’. For religious leaders are expected to be preaching about the word of God by citing the Bible, Habusa Che Wikise is not shy to express the evil tendency most of them are practicing.  He says that most of them are just preaching about money, encouraging believers to be offering their money in the name of tithe during services and deceiving them that their glory is in heaven and using the money in buying fancy cars. This simply just depict that most religious leaders have now turned their role as an income generating activity as most of them indulge in this profession due to lack of job opportunities in the country. They do not become Religious Leaders due to calling. Sharing is Caring!