Hard work alone can be a long term slavery

Have you ever observed that the most common advice that people get from influential or successful people, those who have crossed the bridge of success in our various societies, is that “work hard, work hard, work hard”?

Have you ever been asked or urged yourself to work had in order to be successful?

Hard working spirit is now a passion that many people are faced with in order to be successful. As the adage goes work hard pays. You have to work twice as hard when it is honest. Some people even stick to a strong belief that you shall eat from your sweat. All of these sayings are true and indeed they are useful and powerful for great success.    

Due to such advice and beliefs, many people in different fields are embracing this idea of working harder in the process of pursuing success. But this idea raises questions somewhere in my mind; to what extent is one suppose to reach to satisfy this idea of work hard; can we say that most of us find it hard to succeed because we are not hard workers? Let us be realistic on this issue. Actually this is not quite true and to say the fact most of us are self motivated hard workers and that instinct spirit is very strong within us but still it is harder to reach successful life. 

Imagine the way people are getting involved in their respective jobs, the way they are attached to their businesses and you can even consider those who run small scale businesses. What about those who work for day to day tenders are they not hard workers? You will find out that all these people really work harder but unfortunately their life seems to stick on one particular position and it takes them a very prolonged period of time just for a slight change to happen.

Should we appreciate that the efforts being invested in daily activities are just there in vain or only just for daily survival? But surely everyone is working in older to possess an improved life style, something more than just surviving. Despite this fact many are living an impoverished life style. But from the way we understand it on this point of view, can we say that people are not hard workers? Or maybe we can validate it by saying that there are more oppressors on the ground? We have to unroll a mat here. 

Many of us have different perspectives on this issue. But I guess one of the problems is that we have placed the whole trust on that particular hard working spirit alone without recognising and embracing other elements that go along with it. And boom!!! It has turned most of us into slavery. Just like donkeys, life circumstances are forcing us to work harder only for dry pasture. 

To be successful on the ground, I think working hard alone is not enough. Yes it’s the most important element for success and it is recommended that one has to go through it in either way. But this element becomes tangible when it works together with other essential elements of success such as knowledge, commitment and determination, perseverance, and technical expertise which include rightful skills and viable plans.

For today, let’s focus on knowledge, working hard without proper knowledge is what leads many people into a self-made slavery. It’s not just slavery as you hear it, believe you me; this can be long term slavery. To avoid enslaving ourselves at least we need to learn and gain knowledge in various areas that host success. For example: learn how to set and implement goals, plans and visions. 

On the other hand, learn how to handle the earnings we get after working. It doesn’t matter whether we have decent earnings or not, But how we manage it is what matters most. Hard working in any field with proper skills and knowledge in handling the earnings and well set goals, plans and vision can easily escort one to great success. 

If you have worked hard for many years but you see no success or any progress then, with no excuses, you have to question your knowledge and take a right direction right away. Otherwise that will be a self-made slavery until all your energy gets drained due to ageing.  

Yes hard work pays but massive hard working together with knowledge, skills and planned efforts pays decently. But the question is: how and where can one acquire such useful knowledge? This will be our next discussion. Remember! Choose not to enslave yourself.