HRDC demands for Namalomba’s immediate resignation as PAC Chair

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has demanded for immediate resignation of Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairperson Shadric Namalomba for promoting partisan politics in the country.   

The development follows a statement that Namalomba who was recently appointed as opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Spokesperson issued on 2nd October 2021 warning the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) against persecution of former President Peter Mutharika.

In a press statement, HRDC National Chairperson Gift Trapence says it is unfortunate Namalomba who chairs a committee that holds an oversight role for public institutions is on the forefront threatening an independent body that is legally mandated to freely carry out investigations.

According to Trapence, the threat in the DPP statement directed to ACB is a catalyst of disrespect for independent state organs.

“We believe that it is the behaviour displayed by Hon. Namalomba encourages impunity and makes public leaders consider themselves above the law and untouchable. This culture has no place in the new Malawi.

“Hon. Namalomba needs no reminder that the ACB is an independent body and should not be threatened in the execution of its duties. The threats and insinuations in the DPP statement are not only unacceptable but a relic of a culture of disrespect for independent state organs,” said Trapence.

Trapence further said it is not right to say that ACB is harassing Mutharika as the body is only doing its role.

Trapence: Namalomba must resign

According to Trapence, Namalomba should step down as PAC Chairperson if the August House is to avoid comprising its integrity.

“What is clear to us is that Hon. Namalomba has decided to practice partisan politics on a very serious issue of public interest and Malawians cannot entrust such a person to play an oversight role as PAC chairperson.

“Hon. Namalomba has been compromised and to avoid bringing Parliament into disrepute, we call on him to resign so that he can serve his position in the DPP better. As a parliamentarian and a leader, Hon. Namalomba ought to be in the forefront encouraging the Bureau to diligently discharge its duties so that justice should be served to all people without regard to status or positions,” emphasized Trapence.

Namalomba issued a statement on 2nd October 2021 accusing ACB of harassing Mutharika by politically persecuting him several times without telling the nation offenses he (Mutharika) committed.

The statement further challenged ACB to deal with rampant corruption in the current government if it is serious at fighting corruption.

Meanwhile, the ACB says it can not bow down to any pleasure and assured the nation it will continue with its investigations.

ACB is investigating the abuse of the former President’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) which was used to import bags of cements on duty free.

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