HRDC gives Chakwera a 7 days ultimatum to resubmit Chizuma’s name to PAC

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has given State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera a seven days ultimatum to resubmit Martha Chizuma’s name to Parliament’s Public Appointments Committee (PAC) as Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director. Through a press statement, HRDC leadership has expressed its disappointment at PAC’s decision to reject Chizuma as ACB Director General citing that she is the only candidate at the moment to fill the vacant post at the corruption grafting body. “There is no doubt that Ms. Chizuma is the country’s favourite to fill the vacant post at the ACB due to her tenacity, her passion for justice and the efficiency at which she goes about her job, more recently exhibited by her tenure as the Ombudsman where she rejuvenated the inert office.  Ms Chizuma is a star performer, a reformist and a crusader for justice, just the perfect candidate to head the ACB,” reads the statement. The human rights body says PAC’s decision to reject Chizuma as new ACB Director General is a huge blow in the fight against corruption in the country.
Chizuma : Rejected as ACB Director General
HRDC believes an effective ACB director creates an effective environment in which democracy thrives, and an equal and just public system serves as a valuable economic equaliser that enables all Malawians, regardless of class or creed, to compete equally without hindrance. “Like all well-meaning Malawians across the country, we at the HRDC are shocked by PAC’s decision to derail the country’s desire for a corrupt free nation. The awkward scoring makes one wonder what the ultimate goal of the committee members who scored her 1 out of 25 points? What do they have to hide? What are they scared of? It is our belief that every Malawian who wishes this country well, every Malawian who has no skeletons in their cupboards will support Ms Chizuma’s candidature,” reads the statement.
Trapence : every Malawian who has no skeletons in their cupboards will support Ms Chizuma’s candidature
HRDC has also demanded that PAC’s interview of Chizuma should be beamed live on television and radio to allow Malawians to be the real judges of this process. We feel the time has come for confirmations to be televised live on TV to allow Malawians to appreciate the process. The Human rights body has threatened it will mobilise Malawians on May 18, 2021 to march to Parliament to force the PAC to listen to the voice of the people, voice of reason if the demands are not met within the next 7 days. Chizuma’s rejection as new ACB Director has ignited public debate with some quarters suspecting a foul play.