Immigration Department repatriates fourth phase of Ethiopian nationals

Immigration authorities in Lilongwe in conjunction with the International Organization for Migration (I.O.M), have on Thursday 15th September 2022 managed to repatriate the fourth phase of 39 Ethiopian nationals through kamuzu international Airport.

Speaking in an interview with Nthanda Times,  National Public Relations Officer for the Immigration Department Pasqually Zulu said the exercise which is being supported by both  Malawi and Ethiopian governments managed to repatriate 39 Ethiopian nationals who were supposed to be repatriated last week Friday, but the exercise was cancelled due to technical and logistical challenges.

He said the intiative which  started in the month of August has managed to  repatriate a total of 179 Ethiopians in three phases through the same Airport .

He then added that the repatriation initiative was made by the Immigration department as a way of deconjesting the country's prison facilities amidst cholera and covid-19 pandemic.

Ethiopians being taken from Maula prison to Kamuzu International Airport

"This is a relief to Government since currently, Maula prison has been keeping more illegal immigrants. So far, 171 Ethiopians are the ones remaining under the Immigration custody waiting for the next repatriation," he said.

Zulu further pleaded with the general public to  refrain from aiding and abetting illegal entry of immigrants, saying  it compromises national security and social economic development.

Government of Malawi through the Department of Immigration has been sending  back illegal immigrants from the same country, with an assistance from the Government of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile government of Malawi is expecting to repatriate the remaining immigrants, as Zulu said, it is an ongoing process.