Immigration department warns foreign nationals to observe rule of law

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has warned foreign nationals residing in the country to respect the rule of law or risk deportation.

Speaking in reaction to the deportation of a Nigerian national who was involved in drug dealings, Immigration Inspector Pasqually Zulu said the development is a strong signal to all foreign nationals who reside in the country to start observing the rule of law regardless of their valid immigration status.

He added that if anyone fails to comply with the country's laws, the department will act on them.

"The Immigration Department is concerned with foreign residents in the country, especially those who are selling drugs, an issues which our government does not condone. I have to confirm that  we have deported Chimaraoke Justice Okorie aged 34 using passport number AO9149817, who was arrested by police detectives on the 27th August, 2022 after being found with 17 blisters of cocaine," he said.

Okire captured at Kamuzu International Airport before boarding an Ethiopian Airlines 

He added that upon being taken to court, the Nigerian national was fined MK1.5 million and recommendation was made for deportation.

According to Zulu, Okire was handed over to Immigration Department to carry out the deportation order through Kamuzu International Airport in-line with section 4 subsection 1 (f) of the Immigration Act of 1964, chapter 15:03 of laws of Malawi.

This is happening when there is rapid increase in drug cases, and cases of mental disorders, among men and youths in the country.