Inadequate support holds local film industry stagnant

Film Association of Malawi (FAMA) has said lack of local support in the local film industry has held the industry at a standstill despite actors and producers trying to give their best.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, FAMA Vice General Secretary, Charles Levison said  Malawians do not appreciate their own talent by buying and supporting the industry, a situation which leaves producers and actors operating with their resources without getting enough in return.

“Malawians do not appreciate their own content; the most challenging part is that it starts with government itself and the audience neglecting the film making industry.

“Meanwhile, there is no film market in the country; FAMA, however, is trying to bring out anything to the market for the industry,” Levison said.

Levison-Malawians do not appreciate their own talent. 

“Nowadays, when producers make a movie you see them running up and down in the streets selling the videos which is different from other countries where people go to cinemas and watch the film,” he added.

Levison said the association has planned for a first ever Malawi Film Festival slated for November 25 to 26 with an aim of providing local film makers a platform to showcase their work of art.

He said: “The festival is set to take place at Golden Peacock Hotel and the door is open for any type of movie be it documentaries, short films, etc., what creators need to do to take part in the festival is to send us a synopsis, film credits, poster and duration.”

Visual and Sound Effects Artist, Frankson Wiskes said they are looking forward to the Malawi Film Festival.

He said it is the hope of all stakeholders that through the festival new opportunities will be discovered on how to improve the industry.

“If government officials and other players come to the firm festival, they will see what we are doing and maybe from there they are going to see that we need their support,” said Wiskes.