John and Pauline Trust donates to Milale Primary School

As one way of promoting education in rural areas, John and Pauline Trust through Christian African Relief Organization has donated learning and teaching materials to learners at Milale Primary School in Chingale area, Zomba

Speaking during the donation, the Director of John and Pauline Emmanuel Pembamoyo said the Trust was compelled by inadequate resources at the school to donate the materials which included books, pens, and mathematical instruments to learners in standard 8 who are waiting to write Primary School Leaving Certificate of education this year.

Pembamoyo added that Milale Primary School is among three schools that benefited from the donation.

"Milale is among three schools that benefited from the donation. Among other schools is Mpiripiri in Mangochi and Nsauka Montessori here in Zomba. As you can see, most of these schools are located in rural areas, so they do have adequate learning and teaching materials. So as an organization, we thought it wise to come and donate the little we had to at least give a spirit of hard-working to the students," he said.

John and Pauline Trust
John and Pauline Trust representatives during the donation at Milale Primary School

Speaking after receiving the donation, Milale Primary School Headteacher Petros Stephano thanked John and Pauline Trust for the donation saying it will help improve education standards at the institution.

Stephano said many students at the school hardly access books to study at home, and other students have no exercise books, a situation that contributes to poor performance.

Milale Primary School
'Here you are', a standard 8 student receives a mathematical set

"As a headteacher, I am really happy and these students are happy too. The school did not have enough books. Learners struggled to get quality education. Now with the coming of this donation, I am certain that it will improve the performance of our learners at Milale primary school," he said.

The Trust donated 30 Mathematics books, 30 English books, pens, mathematical instruments, and notebooks to 74 learners at Milale Primary School, 78 learners at Mpiripiri and Nsauka Montessori schools worth 1800 pounds, equivalent to MK2.1 million.