Karonga Diocese launches tree planting season

In an effort to preserve and improve the environment, Catholic Diocese of Karonga has launched tree planting season with a call to students to grow with a spirit of taking care of environment saying students are citizens of tomorrow.

The Diocese’s Bishop Secretary, Father Joseph Sikwese made the call at Chaminade Secondary School when he presided over the launch of the tree planting season Tuesday.

Father Joseph Sikwese planting a tree at Chaminade Secondary School

In an interview, Sikwese said when people are trained to love the environment while young, they would not carelessly cut down trees when they grow, hence the diocese targeting schools

“These students are citizens of tomorrow, so as a church we need to help them to grow in glory so that they have that love and the sense to take good care of the environment. We believe if we start training a child while young and help them understand the importance of trees, we would have a good environment in future,” he said.

Sikwese has since pointed out that some of the harsh climatic conditions are effects of climate change because the environment has not been taken care of hence the need to plant trees.

Commenting on the matter, Head Teacher for Chaminade, John Mtambo, commended the Church for the launch of tree planting exercise saying trees are very essential.

Mtambo planting a tree seedling

“Trees are very important in our lives and we are called to take good care of what we have and this includes trees,” he said.

The diocese is targeting 9 schools which are catholic boarding schools, of which four are in Karonga while five in Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu.