Karonga poultry farmers warned of too much heat

Karonga District Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources has advised poultry farmers in the district to make sure that kraals are well ventilated to protect chickens from too much heat.

This comes a few weeks after the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services cautioned Malawians to observe safety measures against too much heat that the country will face.

In an interview, Karonga District Director of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Raphael Mkisi described the heat as a hazard to the survival chances of chickens, hence the need for proper ventilation.

“We have gotten into the summer season and the heat is getting too much which is a hazard to the chickens, so we urge farmers to make sure that the rooms where they keep their chickens are well ventilated so that fresh air gets in to reduce the heat,” he said.

On his part, one of the poultry farmers in the district, James Phiri, commended the department for the timely advice.

“It is very good that we have received the advice at this particular time as the weather is indeed getting hot which is risky to our chickens,” he said.

Too much heat has a possibility of causing a decline in egg production and to some extent death of chickens.

Emmanuel Moyo

Emmanuel Moyo is ​a reporter based in karonga. He did his journalism studies at Malawi institute of journalism where he obtained a certificate in journalism in 2019 and he has just completed a diploma in journalism pending graduation now at the same institution

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