Kawale Police drills leaders in crime prevention.

In a bid to create secure environment, Kawale Police met with chiefs and block leaders from Chilinde news lines in Lilongwe on 6th March.

Speaking after the interface meeting, Kawale Police Station Community Policing Coordinator Thoko Mkwezalamba said the meeting was aimed at empowering the leaders to take a leading role in crime prevention.

According to Mkwezalamba, the chiefs and the block leaders were challenged to form neighborhood watch teams in their respective locations to help in the crime prevention.

Mkwezalamba further said the interface meeting with Chilinde new lines leaders follows previous meetings with leaders of Kaliyeka and Glitters areas in Lilongwe.

"After a similar meeting with chiefs and block leaders of Kaliyeka and Glitters few days ago, we opted to invite and energize you block leaders to imitate your counterparts" said Mkwezalamba.

Kawale Police interact with the leaders

Mkwezalamba also emphasized that security of communities starts with citizen participation in neighborhood watch tasks, crime upsurge in policing areas could be attributed to a lapse on neighborhood watch.

Also in attendance was the Station Executive Committee (SEC) Chair, Chiutira Subiri who has been instrumental in the formulation of neighborhood teams of Kaliyeka and Glitters. Subiri has meanwhile promised to help the chiefs and block leaders of Chilinde new lines in formulation of neighborhood watch teams.

Speaking during the meeting, the chiefs and block leaders have promised to take an active role, and expressed willingness to elect neighborhood watch teams that will undergo orientation in due course.