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Kokoliliko Holdings to empower youths under corporatives

Kokoliliko Holdings has emphasized wealth creation in the country is likely in presence of added effort on youth involvement.

Speaking on the sidelines of a 4 day management corporative training, Kokoliliko Holdings Director Daud Suleiman said the Holdings is looking forward to register 3 cooperatives that will lead to a formation of a union.

According to Suleiman, formation of the cooperatives will empower youths in the country financially as it will give them a sense of ownership.

“When we started Kokoliliko Holdings, there were a lot of questions about ownership, who the beneficiaries are. But now that we have gone the corporative direction, it is setting the road map and tone that what we are doing is something for the community”, said Suleiman.

Minister of Youth and Sports Development who also attended the training hailed Kokoliliko Holdings for the great initiative saying it has challenged government that it will address high rate of unemployment in the country.

Suleman : Under Kokoliliko Holdings, Youths will be empowered with knowledge on the formation of corporatives.

Msungama underscored that focus is a sure way for youths in the country to realize their potential through formation of corporatives under Kokoliliko Holdings.

“What is of much interest is the creation of 1 million jobs that we have been talking as government. This also has that element that the youths have challenged us that with these corporatives they will be able to employ as many youths as possible. You know what that means, a lot of youths will have something to do. Not only that, but it is also an encouragement to us as government to see young people that are very productive”, said Msungama.

Under Kokoliliko Holdings, Youths will be empowered with knowledge on the formation of corporatives.

The formation of the corporatives will see young people make strides in different areas. According to Suleiman, about 13 thousand youths have joined corporatives under Kokoliliko Holdings.

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