Let’s empower local authors

For so long in our academic institutions, we tend to use reference that comprises of authors from western countries, Asia and other continents. You will find out that there are many books, journal articles and other proposals that intellectuals in our respective colleges and universities use in their assignments, proposals and dissertations. This does not also are the Lecturers who also use the same foreign literature to teach the students so as to prepare them for job industry. Surprisingly, they tend to expect the students to be applying the western content in Malawian Culture which is mostly problematic to many students. They tend to fail to connect the content with the Malawian contexts not because they are not intelligent but the literature does not have a strong relationship with the Malawian context. Most of the libraries that we have are rich in western books and other content that fuel the difficulty in most intellectuals to understand what has been communicated in the books. You will find out that most of the authors of the western literature we focus on are those who died some decades ago, meaning to say that not the theories, and other literature they communicated in their texts can really apply in the current 21st century which is advanced. By the end of the day, we tend to complain that most of the graduates are failing to perform well in job industry and organizations failing to notice that we are the root cause of this as we have internalized the graduates with foreign content and expects them to perform excellently in job industry. The funny part is that ever since the establishment of different public and private institutions and colleges in Malawi, a lot of books, journals and other literatures have been 1ed by different individuals from Malawi but we do not use them in our education system for teaching our intellectuals. We do take such publications very lightly than those of the western literature. Additionally, millions of graduates have written their dissertations on different topics surrounding the academic arena but we just put them on our departmental shelves without using them in our references. Renown Oral literature author Zondiwe Mbano We also have different Malawian authors and most of them being Doctors, Professors but we do not take our time to revise our syllabus and then include Malawian content in it. Different organizations in Malawi have also done different surveys and research in their projects but we do not take this chance to include such information from their reports to blend them in our academic syllabuses. Most of them being updated ones but we still lean to the only and outdated literature to impact our students with knowledge. We need to know that we are not teaching them what to expect from the industry but what was like in the past and not in Malawi but in Western countries, and, expect them to perform excellently in job industry. Malawi could have also produced many writers due to the act of being motivated with the fruits of their work but since they are regarded as being useless and prefer to those of the western, this is why Malawi also have less writers and others do not even take writing as an important part of life. Others think writing is a total waste of time. Tiyambe Zeleza : One of authors the country has produced So, if we want to develop our Writers and even plant more writers in Malawi, we should ensure that we use the already existing literature from Malawians in our day to day context. This will make the writers be motivated and also create social and behavioral change communication among those who perceived writing as being useless. To those studying Journalism and media degrees at Polytechnic and Chancellor College, and other institutions, they will feel motivated and empowered that their work will also be used in Malawian context one day after they graduate from their studies. Late Kishindo : One of Malawi's renowned authors Some good examples of Authors whose writings are used in Malawian contexts are the late Professors Kishindo and, Zondiwe Mbano from Chancellor College. Their work were used in Psychology, English, Social Science, education, and Language and Communications department. This has Motivated them for the past decades to be writing since their work have been used for academic purposes. Sharing is Caring!