Lowe challenges agricultural employees to work extra hard

Lowe challenges agricultural employees to work extra hard
Lowe (R)-giving Namanja what belongs to her-pic by Moses Nyirenda

Minister of Agriculture, Lobin Lowe has advised employees under his ministry to work extra hard if the ministry is to be transformed.

The Minister made the remarks on Friday evening at Crossroad Hotel in Lilongwe when he awarded over 200 best Ministry of Agriculture extension workers from various districts across the country.

Lowe said that his ministry decided to award the best workers as one way of appreciating their hard work and commitment as well as motivating them.

“We are coming from a background whereby extension service was poor and workers were actually demotivated, so we are trying to motivate them to make sure that we are moving together because the new administration is advocating for transformation of agriculture.

Lowe (R)-giving a certificate to an extension worker-pic by Moses Nyirenda

“In this case, we cannot transform agriculture without transforming the workforce and what we have done today is one of the gestures to make sure that the employees are motivated and we are moving in the same direction,” Lowe said.

He added that, as another part of motivating the extension workers his ministry has the plans to start procuring motorcycles for the extension workers to replace old manual bicycles which they are currently using.

“The extension workers are still using Kapalasa which is very unfortunate, therefore as a ministry we have reserved some resources to make sure that we start procuring motorcycles to improve mobility of the extension staff as well as motivating them to work hard,” he said.

Speaking after the event, one of the Agriculture Extension Development Officers (AEDOs) from Nkhotakota district, Mtosa Extension Planning Area (EPA), who outshined all extension workers at the event, Nancy Namanja expressed her excitement for being honored.

Lowe (R)-giving Namanja what belongs to her-pic by Moses Nyirenda

“I am now feeling encouraged and this will make me to move forward with my work while putting an extra gear,” Namanja said.

During the event extension workers were awarded with certificates, smart phones and bicycles based on their levels of hard work and commitment.