Lowe challenges farmers to diversify tobacco farming

Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe has challenged tobacco farmers in the country to consider diversifying while ensuring they continue with tobacco farming.

Lowe made the remarks Thursday afternoon during the 33rd Annual Congress of TAMA Farmers Trust.

According to Lowe, the country will continue growing tobacco despite loss in value as the country is yet to find a replacement.

"As of now the country has not found a replacement for tobacco and we will continue to grow tobacco until the last cigarette is smoked," said Lowe.

Lowe: We need to diversify tobacco farming

Speaking on the importance of improving the tobacco industry, Lowe revealed that his Ministry has made progress in reviewing the Tobacco Industry Act with an aim to improve the tobacco industry.

"I am pleased to report here that the review process is at an advanced stage with all stakeholders being engaged including members of TAMA and that the document will be taken to Parliament as soon as it is practical," added Lowe.

Speaking earlier, Tobacco Association of Malawi (Tama) Farmers Trust president, Abiel Kalima Banda, expressed the need for farmers to comply with labour practices to be able to explore more inter1 markets.

Lowe being briefed on some tobacco products

"Tama is aware that child and forced labor continue affecting tobacco production and measures are in place to sensitize farmers on the same," said Banda.

The congress is being held under the theme: 'Adherence to agricultural labor practices in the wake of withhold release order.'