Lulu bids farewell to Mte Wambali Mkandawire

Afro R&B artist Lulu says he learnt a lot from Wambali Mkandawire who succumbed to Covid-19 on January 31.

Lulu, who has just released a tribute to the fallen legend said Wambali deserves all respect and honour for his contributions to the music industry.

Lulu, real name is Lawrence Khwisa, says Wambali left a huge gap in the music industry that will be felt for years to come.

“Wambali opened the eyes of many musicians in the country on music composition and recording and he deserves all the respect. Many of us thought that music involved going to the studio only. But from his great work, we learnt that music is a project. You need to have a good plan before you even start recording,” Lulu told NewsDay Malawi.

The Tsogolo hit-maker described Wambali as a great composer, a fine guitarist, and a great mentor.

“There are a lot of things that Wambali will be remembered for. But on top of everything, I will remember Mtebeti as a mentor. I received encouragement from him sometime when he called me that we should work together. He was a true example of someone who is proud to be a Malawian, and he expressed this through his music,” said Lulu.

Through the three-minute well-crafted tribute track titled Yendani Bwino Wambali, Lulu laments of burdens which have come because of Covid-19.

The Afro R&B artist has also instilled hope in Malawians that Covid-19 is avoidable and curable if all regulations are followed.

“It is my prayer that we should defeat this pandemic. Malawians let us be vigilant. We should not lose hope. People are getting cured of this disease, and we can prevent it. When we have gone out of our houses, let’s be watchful because everyone can be a carrier including our loved ones,” Lulu said.