Lulu set to drop ‘Uchi’ single

Lulu set to drop ‘Uchi’ single
Lulu: everyone will enjoy the song

Renowned R n’ B star, Lawrence Khwisa, whose stage name is Lulu is set to release his first single in the year 2022 on March 28, 2022, with a song titled ‘Uchi’.

Breaking the news on his Facebook page, Lulu posted that the journey of his life has been colored with angles that showed up as people.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday, Khwisa said Uchi (honey in English) is a love song that everybody will enjoy, saying the message in the song talks about a beautiful woman.

Lulu: everyone will enjoy the song

“I am telling the beautiful woman that I have been to different places where people talk bad about beautiful women as most of them are in multiple relationships with men.

“Most people think having a beautiful woman is not a good idea, so, I am telling this woman that I have met her as a beautiful one, and want to change the story of beautiful women,” Khwisa explained.

Besides commenting on his new song, Lulu also praised those who contributed to the growth of his music career like Wendy Harawa, late Ken Khuma, Tionge Chikuse, and Lucius Banda.

“Imagine the whole Miss Malawi Event booked the famous Wendy Favour Harawa in 2002 and she decided to give me a chance to show what I got.

“Almost half of her set was given to me as she did one song, and then called on a strange name on the stage (Lulu), so, I was very happy because I was still in the early stage of my career,” he said.

Lulu also hailed a Kalimba Band member for assisting him in his music career.

“Thatcher Ng’oma for Kalimba Band then opened up my eyes musically. It was purely based on ear music until he showed up and told me a lot about music theory” Khwisa said.

He further urged young upcoming artists in the industry, some of whom he said flock to his social media platform inboxes looking for directions and collaborations, to work hard to reach higher levels.

“It is my prayer that God blesses me so that I should be able to help young people who are eager to do something for the society,” he added.