LWB steps up to improve sanitation in Lilongwe

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) says it is optimistic that its project dubbed ‘Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project (LWSP)’ will help to improve sanitation in Lilongwe city upon its completion on June 30, 2023.

In an interview, LWB Assistant Public Relations Officer (PRO), Maurice Nkawihe said that among other things, the project is set to expand and rehabilitate sanitary facilities such as sewerage network.

Nkkawihe said first phase of the project is expected to connect about 3, 096 households to sewer lines at Falls, Old and New Gulliver and Area 47 in the city.

“The project is eyeing on rehabilitating and expanding of sewerage network as well as Installation of 5,000 new sewer connections and the current stage of the project which is phase 1 will connect 3,096 households.

“In an addition, the project is also mainly looking at rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing Kauma wastewater treatment plant and also expansion of sewerage network in Area 1 (Falls), Area 49 Sectors 1 and 2 (Old and New Gulliver) and Area 47 Sector 4,” Nkawihe said.

Expansion of sewer network in progress at Area 49 in Lilongwe

Nkawihe said the project will also support construction of 8,000 improved sanitation facilities including toilets which will benefit poor and vulnerable households.

According to the Assistant PRO, the project is already in the process of identifying contractors for Phase 1 to construct 1,000 household toilets and through the same project improved sanitation facilities will be constructed in 10 markets and 10 schools in Lilongwe city.

He further said that, LWB will be conducting sanitation marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging connection to sewer system and construction and use of improved toilets.

Nkawihe also said LWB is confident that sanitation in Lilongwe city will improve after the completion of the project.

“Looking at the setup of the project, as LWB we are confident that issues of sanitation in Lilongwe city will be addressed hence sanitation of the city will improve to the maximum,” he said.

Nkawihe: sanitation in Lilongwe will improve

The Assistant PRO said that apart from promoting sanitation, the project is also looking at making extensive interventions in the water distribution network in order to reduce water losses and improve water supply in Lilongwe city.

“On the other hand, the project is also scheduled to rehabilitate and expand water distribution networks as one way of improving water supply as well as reducing water losses from the current level of 36 percent to 26 percent,” he explained.

In her comment, Lilongwe City Council Spokesperson Tamara Chafunya said that the project is significant and biggest initiative and will help to transform the Lilongwe city in as far as sanitation is concerned in the city.

“When we talk of sanitation in the city, the project is significant and biggest initiative which will help to address issues of sanitation in the city.

“As city council we are hoping that through the project sanitation in the city will improve as most of the residents of the city will have access to sewer network and modern toilets,” Chafunya said.

LWB is implementing the project together with Lilongwe City Council (LCC) and the project financing includes a US$75 million (About MK 59, 887, 500, 000. 00) credit from World Bank/IDA, US$25 million (About MK 19, 962, 500, 000. 00) grant from World Bank/IDA and US$2 million (About MK 1, 597, 000, 000. 00) from the Government of Malawi.