MACRA warns Illegal Courier Operators

Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has warned all illegal courier operators in the country saying they are breaking the law.

According to a Press release issued on Monday by MACRA’s Director-General, Daud Suleman, the warning comes after the regulator has noted an influx of couriers business entities.

“These unlicensed operators are involved in the collection and delivery of various items including envelopes.

"The authority is warning these illegal operations that are providing such services or conveying courier articles without a valid license issued by MACRA contravenes section 122 of the communications Act. (Act No.34 of 2016),'' said Daudi said.

He said if found operating without the licenses they stand to serve a two-year jail term or pay a fine of K1 million.

MACRA’s spokesperson, Zadziko Mankhambo   said that licensed operators pay a fee for their operation which helps to boost the nation’s economy since the collected funds go to the government as tax

"The unlicensed operators are not recognized in the system, as such, it is a loss to the government as tax is not collected

"Further, licensed operators adhere to MACRA licensed conditions which are aimed at protecting consumers when their items are lost so that they are compensated," he said.

G4S Courier, one of the authorized courier services

Courier Service Operators Chairperson. Lewis Aramex hailed MACRA for the stern warning saying unlicensed operators were operating without following regulations and they are most likely to move illegal goods such as drugs since they are not monitored

"And government will lose a lot as the unlicensed operators are not paying tax and this can affect the economy of the country,” he said.

MACRA has provided a list of 21 courier operators registered and licensed with MACRA as of 21st March 2022.

These are Malawi Posts Corporation, Air Cargo, DHL, FedEx Express, GLENS (ARAMEX), Skynet Worldwide Courier, Xerox UPS Courier, AMPEX Courier, G4S Courier, Faster Courier and Logistics, Speed Courier, Posts Courier, VB Courier, Courier, Kwezy Courier, CML, CTS Courier, Fast Wings Courier, Njala Courier, Smart Deliveries, SOSOSO Courier, VIP Courier, Mr. Delivery and Doorbell Delivery Services.