Madalitso declares hope in his new single ‘Amamva’

Features Rashley

Lilongwe, October 18, Mana:  Lilongwe-based gospel singer, Madalitso Banda has recently released a single titled ‘Amamva’ in which he has featured Rashley.

The song carries the message of hope to people who are passing through hard times. 

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday in Lilongwe, Madalitso Banda said one should be assured that when they pray God answers therefore one should pray when storms arise.

“When you are going through tough times or you are frustrated, you must kneel down in prayer for the Lord will see you through,” Banda said.

Madalitso Banda
Banda: God hears prayer

Banda said he is working on an album as such he thought it wise to release a single that would give his fans a clear picture of his upcoming album.

Part of the song, Amamva ngakhale mamawa, amamva ngakhale masana, amamva nagkhale usiku a yehovah amamva, sagona saodzela, ambuye sachedwa safulumila, mbuye wanga ine salephera yehovah amamva, chomwe ufuna m’bale wanga pinda bondo lako upemphe mbuye, amamva iye amamva lingakule bvutolo.

Banda said God does not slumber therefore whatever people wish to ask from Him it shall be given to them; As such one should always rely on God when they are faced with various challenges.

He challenged people saying pray is a guaranteed means that their requests and needs are met and heard hence amamva.

However, Madalitso said he featured Rashley because he was the artist suitable for the genre. 

“I’ve always been listening to Rashley’s songs and I love his music more especially his skills and how he puts lyrics as such I knew he would suit type genre,” he stated.  

In a separate interview with Mphatso Chiteka said the song is massive and well balanced saying she would listen to the song the whole day.

The produced by Malonie Bickel Phiri at Equinox Studios is available on Malawi Music.com and mikozi network.


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