Malawi to have a diplomatic academy

The Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi, Hassan Shawky has said that the Egyptian Government will help the Government of Malawi in establishing a diplomatic academy in the country aimed at building capacity among Malawians who have an interest in advancing their knowledge and understanding in the field of diplomacy and inter1 relations.

The Ambassador made the remarks on Thursday during the commemoration of the 69th of 23rd July Revolution of Egypt and 57th Anniversary of the Egyptian and Malawian Diplomatic Relations which was held at Egypt House in Lilongwe, Area 10/564.

Shawky said that establishing a diplomatic academy is part of the initiatives that the Egyptian Government has been doing in the country.

“The support is part of capacity building and training that Egypt has been assisting Malawian citizens for a very long time.

“The idea of this diplomatic academy was provided to me by Malawi’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Eisenhower Mkaka and we discussed the idea and I reported what we discussed to the Government of Egypt which considered the idea of this ambitious project,” Shawky said.

He added that the Egyptian Government has already started providing equipment to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will be used in the forthcoming diplomatic school.

Shawky: we want these youth to contribute to the 1 development plan of Malawi-pic by Moses Nyirenda

“The Government of Egypt has already started providing Information Technology (IT) equipment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that will be utilized in the diplomatic academy which is yet to be established here in Malawi.

“Further, Egypt is much willing to also support Malawi with technical knowhow regarding the diplomatic academy, Egypt diplomatic academy has been functioning since 1954 and for this reason, the Egyptian Government can definitely assist Malawi in this respect,” he said.

In his remarks, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eisenhower Mkaka commended the Egyptian Government for its gesture, saying that it would help create career-based diplomats in the country.

“I am commending the Egyptian Government for its consideration to support us in establishing the first-ever diplomatic academy, for a long time in the country diplomats have been appointed because of a political association, and when the new administration comes in all diplomats are recalled.

Mkaka: the diplomatic academy would help us to have properly trained and career-based diplomats-pic by Moses Nyirenda

“But this is different in the developed countries as they train their diplomats in the field of diplomacy and they do become career based diplomats and when the administration changes these people are not changed at all.

“Hence as Malawi we also need to have the diplomatic academy as it would help us to have properly trained and career-based diplomats which can present our country well and professionally,” Mkaka said.