Malawi's fuel supplies steady - Matola

Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola, has assured people in the country that Malawi continues to have a steady flow of fuel, despite challenges on the inter1 market.

Matola was speaking in Lilongwe during a media briefing on Malawi's fuel situation.

Matola who was flanked by Information Minister, Gospel Kazako, and MERA Chief Executive Officer, Henry Kachaje, said trade sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine, have started causing a scramble for fuel thereby affecting the supply of fuel supplies on the inter1 market. However, the government of Malawi is trying to keep prices lower than most of its peers in the region. This is done to ensure fuel is available.

Matola implored Malawians not to panic because fuel is available

Minister of Information and Digitization, Gospel Kazako (l) clarifies issues as Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola (r) nods in agreement Pic.

He said his ministry is aware that some people are speculating resulting in panic buying and illegal storage of fuel.

He also said it is disheartening that when the country has enough fuel, some unpatriotic Malawians are resorting to selling it across the borders.

"This tendency is a crime, that's being unpatriotic and needs to stop. Government is trying hard enough to have fuel available, while others want to cash in on the same," said Matola.

Kazako in his remarks said there is a likelihood that fuel prices will be increased but did not specify when.

Matola: Malawians should not panic

He, however, clarified that this will not be the wish of the government but dynamics on the inter1 market triggered by the Russia - Ukraine conflict.

Henry Kachaje, Chief Executive Officer for MERA, said Malawi remains the only country with low fuel prices in the region.

He cited big economies like South Africa and countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana, and Zambia where fuel prices are way too high.

Kachaje said currently, even in the UK fuel selling price is now at £2 (K2433) per liter.

"Let's not take advantage of our situation, to abuse it," said Kachaje.