Man arrested for illegal possession of medical drugs

A 25 year old man in Mangochi has been ordered by the First Grade Magistrate Court in the district to pay a fine of K130,000 for being found in possession of medical drugs without permit.

Mangochi Police Prosecutor Sub-inspector Emmanuel Kambwiri told the court that on 23rd June this year while patrolling around Namwera-Katuli area, Police Detectives were confided by members of the community that White Maluwa was selling medical drugs at Katuli market.

Sub-inspector Kambwiri said the team rushed to the actual place and found assorted medical drugs without license.

“Maluwa was found with 120 capsules of amoxicillin,112 tables of oral contraceptives,310 tables of cotrim,24 bottles of ARVs,370 tables of zinc, 1114 tables of batrim, 36 tables of declofenac, 30 tables of panadol,58 tables of paracetamol, 560 tables of pyridoxinue, 300 tables of cipro,136 tables of plasquantile, 460 tables of magnessium,3261 tables of Cpz, 340 tables of quinine, 423 tables of predinisone, 300 indocine and 36 tables of fagile among others,” the police prosecutor told the court.

According to Kambwiri, Maluwa did not waste much time of the court by pleading guilty to the crime which is contrary to section 95(1) of Pharmacy and Medicine Regulatory Authority.

The accused asked the court’s leniency saying that he is poor and his family struggle for sustainable if sent to serve jail term.

The State has objected his plea factors arguing that the accused violated the laws and is not eligible to be selling drugs since he does not have licence.

Passing his verdict, First Grade Magistrate Mtunduwatha Mpasu concurred with the state and ordered the accused to pay K130,000 fine in default to serve 12 months Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL).

“The medical drugs be forfeited to the Malawi Government,” the magistrate ordered.

Meanwhile, the convict has failed to pay the cash.

White Maluwa comes from Wadali Village in the area of Chief Katuli in Mangochi.

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