Mangochi chief ask men to support and empower their spouses

Mangochi District Council has condemned the tendency of some men who prevent their spouses from associating with groups such as Village Savings and Loans (VSL) popularly known as Bank Mkhonde.

The council’s chairperson, Scorch Mathews, made the remarks on Monday at Masuku Community Ground in the district during the commemoration of Inter1 Women's Day organized by Care-Titukulane Project.

Mathews, who was guest of honor at the function, said it was high time men became civilized and started empowering women considering that VSL groups have proven to be effective in improving women’s financial and socio-economic status at household level.

“Government appreciates the role partners for VSL associations, particularly the Titukulane Project, play in uplifting people's living standards across the district by taking an active role in facilitating the formation of VSLs here at Bwananyambi," he said.

“More women in our communities are now able to support their families. However, we have noted that there are some men who disrupt such efforts.

“So, as government, we do not want any man to be found preventing his wife from joining these groups,” advised Mathews.

The Mangochi Council Chairperson further observed that women have proved to be hard-working and dedicated when performing various activities.

Mangochi district
Mathews: men should be civilised and start empowering women

He said the development calls for the men's strong moral and financial support instead of discouraging them from participating in the VSL groups.

On her part, Traditional Authority Bwananyambi commended men in her area for respecting and empowering women by electing them to top leadership positions. She asked all men across the district to follow suit.

Traditional Authority Bwananyambi. Pic, Maxwell Kudzala (Mana)
Bwananyambi: men from my area do a commendable job

“This is the second time in a few months that the government and its partners have chosen our area to host a big event to do with women empowerment. The first one was conducted in December, last year,” she said.

The chief then called on men to continue the civilized way of doing things by acknowledging women's capabilities in serving at various community-level decision-making positions.

“Other areas should do what we are doing here. Here we have a female Member of Parliament, two female ADC chairpersons.

“We also have a female Primary Education Advisor. As you already know, the traditional authority speaking is also female," she boasted.

The Inter1 Women's Day commemoration was held under the theme: 'Empower women and girls; a key for sustainable future.'

The 1 event was commemorated on March 8, 2022, at BICC in Lilongwe led by Minister of Gender, Community Development, and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati.