Mangochi chief in literacy drive

Sub Traditional Authority (TA) Mapira from Mangochi has started an initiative to reduce illiteracy levels among the community members in his area.

The traditional leader has conducted several meetings with his group village headmen and parents, to civic educate them about the importance of education.

The chief has stressed the need to educate children and remind parents to ensure that no child or learner is kept at home.

Chief Mapila has established some by-laws to govern the initiative.

The Chief has since engaged other community leaders and the Headteacher at St Augustine 1 Primary School to ensure that his dream of reducing illiteracy levels in his area is achieved.

"I, being the chief, l thought it wise that l can’t be silent, sit back, relax while children are dropping out of school every day. I am a parent too and l realize it's our responsibility to look after our children, and make sure that they are educated," said the Chief.

He further expressed worry with the tendancy of staying away from school by some learners around Mangochi Boma.

"If you can walk around the area near any school around the Boma you will be shocked to notice the bad manners of some primary school learners. They don't attend classes while very few are in class," Said Mapira.

Mapira: I am a parent too and l realize it's our responsibility to look after our children

He said to some extent some learners leave their homes enroute to school but upon getting closer to the school, assemble in small groups at various hide outs including football grounds where they start listening to music via portable Bluetooth speakers.

Chief Mapira says through his initiative new by laws have been established to change the situation.

"From now onwards any child found playing during school time or caught in a hideout listening to music will be punished severely," warned the chief.

Mapira who was promoted to the Position of a Sub TA a Year ago is working with Head teachers for schools from his area.