Maranantha bars students with balances from attending classes

Maranatha Academy has refuted allegations that learners from the school are going without meals due to unfinished fees balances.

This follows recent viral messages on the social media alleging that the school is keeping its students without food.

Managing Director of the school Ernest Kawonga, has in an interview refuted the allegations saying the institution only wrote parents reminding them about outstanding school fees balances.

“As a school we were concerned that some students still have outstanding fees balances despite the reminders and yet their guardians / parents have not come forward to discuss with responsible authorities on the way forward," said Kamanga.

According to Kamanga, the school had earlier on communicated that it will send back home all the students with outstanding fees balances on 2nd July 2021 but failed to implement move for fear of creating a situation where the students would get Covid-19 and bring it into the campus.

Kamanga: We planned to send them back home

The school has since resolved that all students with outstanding fees balances will not be allowed in class from Thursday 8thJuly 2021, as well as confiscate meal coupons from those with outstanding fees balances by end of business today.

He says those with balances will be provided with porridge for meals until the time when their balances are settled.