Matema Youth club donates covid-19 PPE in Karonga

As Covid-19 positivity rate is decreasing in the country, Matema Youth Club in Karonga district has expressed concern with the lack of seriousness in following covid-19 preventive measures in the district.

The club’s Executive Director Elvis Luhanga made the sentiments Monday during the distribution of assorted covid-19 preventive equipment at St Agness Primary School, Malema market, and Karonga district hospital guardian shelter.

Luhanga noted with concern that many people have stopped adhering to government set covid-19 preventive measures saying the behavior is putting their lives at risk because nobody has since declared that the pandemic is over in the country.

“Though the country is registering small numbers of new cases, this does not mean the pandemic is over. Let us keep on protecting ourselves and our friends by abiding by the preventive measures that were set by the government till that time they will declare that the country is free from the covid-19 pandemic,” he said

Matema Youth club
Matemba Youth Club members donating some of the Covid-19 protective equipment at St. Agnes Primary School

Luhanga further said it is pathetic to see people in public places like markets and schools not even wearing facemasks, a tendency he described as counterproductive.

In a separate interview, Chairperson for Malema market James Mwanyongo thanked Matema Youth Club for the donation saying it will go a long way in preventing them from catching the covid-19 virus.

Mwanyongo admitted that there is laxity in public places on following covid-19 preventive measures and pledged to start reminding the people on the importance of following covid-19 preventive measures.

“We are so thankful for these tap pails, tablets of soap, hand sanitizer, washing baskets, and masks that you have provided to us. These will always act as a reminder in people’s mind to follow covid-19 preventive measures at all cost,” he said

 Matema Youth Club donated the covid-19 preventive materials with support from Red Cross Limitless Project which works with the youths in selected countries across the globe.