Mayor leads ‘My Mzuzu, My City’ Campaign

Fiona Manda, Mana Mzuzu, Mzuzu City Mayor, Brian Nyasulu, on Monday unveiled ‘My Mzuzu My City’ Campaign which is aims at promoting the sense of ownership among the city dwellers by ensuring cleanliness and paying city rates. During the event, Nyasulu said it was high time residents embraced the fact that it is the responsibility of everyone living in the city to take care of it, not only the city council. Mzuzu City Council Chief Executive Officer, Gomezgani Nyasulu, said it was high time business operators followed orders and laws for the city such as paying city rates and not selling along the road.
Mzuzu Mayor
Mzuzu City Mayor
"We have transmitted the messages to make sure residents follow laws and for those who will oppose, the city will forcefully chase them on Wednesday. We expect change," he said. Meanwhile, Chairperson for Zigwagwa Market, Gerald Maulana commended the city council for the initiative.