Mchezi Police Unit construction brings hope

The Lilongwe District Council has constructed a Police Unit at Mchezi in response to increased cases of robbery in the area.

Speaking when the council visited the project's site Chairperson of Mwadenje Security Committee in Mchezi, Kasakula Chikamgwera said the Police unit will reduce the challenges people of Mchezi were facing to report crimes or seek protection.

Concurring with Chikamgwera, Senior Group Village Head Mwadenje was full of praises for the construction of the Police Unit saying it will open up opportunities for more developmental projects in the area.

“This police unit will help us have security officers closer to us thereby reducing the crime rate which has been a very big concern for people in this area.

“It will also attract more developments and businesses as people will be assured of total protection of their assets making the area worth investing in,” he said.

Mchezi police unit has been made possible in the area through the Government Enabled Service Delivery (GESD) project which district councils are implementing with funding from World Bank through the 1 Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC).

Newly constructed Mchezi Police Unit

According to Lilongwe District Council Director of Public Works, Sydney Chiphaka, the projects are community-initiated where people are given the liberty to choose a kind of project they want in a quest to enhance service delivery in the district.

“As a council, we had plans as stipulated in our district development plan but implementation was becoming a challenge due to lack of funds. We are now able through the GESD project, to implement the various projects that are aimed at uplifting people’s livelihood and enhancing service delivery within our local council,” said Chiphaka.

Dziyeseni Kamuyalo, Treasurer for Mwadenje Village Development Committee could not hide his excitement over the project saying it is exactly what people in the area asked for.

“We asked the council for a police unit and the results are more than we expected. This is our treasure and we will ensure we make full use of the facility to enhance security in the area and also that of other projects that will come as a result of this,” he said.

Constructed within the project recommended 90 days, the MK24, 388, 000.00 Police unit awaits electricity and water connection before it is operational.

Lilongwe district council received a total of MK577, 758, 028.00 through which a total of 16 projects in the sectors of health, education, security, and road networks among others, have been implemented.