MCHS Lilongwe campus needy students call for a rescue

MCHS Lilongwe campus needy students call for a rescue

The embattled needy students from the Malawi College of Health Sciences - Lilongwe Campus have sounded alarms, appealing to the general public to assist them with school fees and upkeep allowance.

In the appeal made in an 8 paged PowerPoint by the College's Dean of Students, Mr. Ken Gama has cited the need for people to assist the needy students.

According to the Dean of Students, MCHS is no longer receiving funds from government rendering parents and/or guardians to foot the balances for the academic survival of their children studying at the college.

As if that is not enough, Mr. Gama says that: " the cafeteria is closed and students are to buy food on daily basis and pay for their own accommodation."

In the statement, it has also been revealed that 10 students have so far withdrawn due to failure to pay the hefty school fees while others have reserved their places at the college.

"Some students are walking over 5 km to come to school, living in shabby insecure houses in Mchesi, Area 23 and locations around the college", the Dean of Students lamented.

He then called upon people to adopt students and pay for them or contribute funds with any contribution they have through a form designed by the college.

Talking to this reporter, one of the MCHS - Blantyre campus students said he and his colleagues are in a similar situation although no efforts are being done at their campus.

"I walk from  Quarry Soche to Chichiri every morning and back in the evening. I use some shortcuts because it is too far to use direct roads. It is too unsafe but I have no option. I cannot afford to buy a meal at lunchtime", he cried.

The student wishes that something should be done to improve their condition.

MCHS is a parastatal that was established by Ministerial Order in 1996 to train middle-level health workers in medical fields such as Clinical Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Radiography, and Pharmacy among others.