MHRC investigates Poly Student shooting Saga

Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has appealed for full corperation from relevant stakeholders as it has started investigations into the death of The Polytechnic student Blessings Nyondo.

Through a press statement, MHRC Executive Secretary Habiba Osman said they have commenced the investigations following public outcry into the fatal shooting of a Polytechnic student on the New Year’s Eve.

According to Osman, the commission’s preliminary independent investigations into the matter were affected by the death of Nyondo on 8th January.

“The public may also wish to note that when reports of the fatal shooting emerged, the Commission decided to conduct a preliminary independent investigation into the matter, considering that there are a number of human rights issues which were at stake, including the right to life. But before the Commission could proceed with its investigations Blessings passed on at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre”, reads part of the statement.


Osman : preliminary investigations were affected by his death

The statement further stipulates that through the investigations, the commission looks forward to reach to bottom of the matter as there are conflicting reports on who exactly shot Nyondo.

“Some reports indicated that Blessings was shot by a police officer while statements from Malawi Police Service indicate that it was actually a Security Officer working for the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that shot Blessings. It is the desire of the Commission that the truth be uncovered as who exactly pulled the trigger and under what circumstances. At the end of the exercise, justice must be served”, reads the statement.

The commission has also asked people with information about the shooting to step forward and share with the commission.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) earlier gave Malawi Police Services a 5 working days ultimatum to apprehend Nyondo’s assailants and accomplices.

The Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chiwendo Banda and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)’s acting Director General Aidan Gumeni told a media briefing on Monday that Nyondo was shot by MBC’s Security Guard not a Malawi Police Mobile Officer as per some quarter’s allegations.

Blessings Nyondo succumbed to bullets wounds at Queen Elizabeth Hospital after he was shot several times at Kwacha Roundabout in Blantyre