Mikozi Network raises more than MK1 million in 8 hrs for Chinafuna M'bale hit maker

Mikozi Network raises more than MK1 million in 8 hrs for Chinafuna M'bale hit maker

Online Entertainment platform, Mikozi Network has within eight hours managed to raise more than MK1 million for legendary Chinafuna M'bale hit maker Boniface Ndamera of Lucky Stars Band.

Mikozi run a campaign that everyone who enjoyed Chinafuna M'bale song should support the artist with the little they can.

The initiative received an overwhelming response as they managed to raise a total of MK1, 131, 855 within eight hours against the targeted MK1 million.

Ndamera (seated left) with his children at Mikozi Studios

Meanwhile, Malawians have taken it to social media hailing Mikozi Network for the timely gesture.

Mikozi Network co-founder Bright 'Excess' Chiligo told local media earlier today that the initiative is part of Mikozi's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Chiligo revealed that the Chinafuna M'bale song which has been a hit for over 35 years is not bringing in enough revenue to change life of Ndamera.

"Through an exclusive interview with Mikozi Studios, we learnt that Ndamera is struggling despite his work being popular in the country. He produced a hit song Chinafuna M'bale 35 years ago and the song is still a hit update. But it's strange that Chinafuna M'bale hasn't brought enough revenue to change the life of this legendary musician," said Chiligo.

Speaking after receiving the money at Mikozi Studios Monday evening, Ndamera thanked Mikozi for the initiative.

Ndamera: I thank Malawians for the support

"I thank Mikozi Studios for the initiative it embarked on today. I'm very thankful for the support that Malawians have shown to me. I'm happy that I have received this MK1 million which has been raised within eight hours. If there are still some people willing to support me, they can do so through Mikozi," said Ndamera.

As part of appreciating the support, Ndamera, backed by his children performed live the Chinafuna M'bale song at the Mikozi Studios.

Boniface Ndamera performs Chinafuna M'bale live at Mikozi Studios

Ndamera started his music career in the early 1960s and recorded his first album 'Chinafuna M'bale' in 1986 at MBC studios with his band 'Lucky Stars Band'.

Ndamera is the only surviving member of the band.