Minister impressed with JC exams

Lilongwe, October 5, Mana: Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje has described the ongoing Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) as, so far, impressive.

She made the remarks Monday in Lilongwe after inspecting how the exams are being carried out at Likuni Boys and Likuni Girls Secondary Schools.

“Basing on the schools I have visited today, and also from the daily reports I am receiving, we can say that so far the process has been successful.

“The organization has been excellent, the invigilation has been on point, time keeping has been good, and even COVID-19 prevention measures are strictly being observed. This is something we want to see and hope will continue,” she said speaking to journalists at Likuni Girls Secondary School.

The Minister also said she was impressed with the Open Schools existing at the two schools and across the country, despite challenges like lack of resources and long distance walks to access these schools.

However, she expressed satisfaction that long distances are not hindering students to write their exams.

“Some few leaners are coming in late due to long distances, but the good thing is that leaners are still coming in to write their exams, which is very commendable.

“These Open Schools are contributing a lot to our education system in the country and it is not hard to see. For example; last year, Likuni Girls’ Open School sent 16 students to public universities, while Likuni Boys sent 17 which is impressive considering the challenges faced,” said NyaLonje.

Minister impressed with JC exams
NyaLonje: We need credible exams (Pic By Lisa Kadango)

She, however, said countrywide there is still a lot to be done as currently only 16 percent of eligible learners within the secondary school going range, are in secondary schools.

NyaLonje said government is implementing various interventions like distance learning and construction of schools and classroom blocks to turn the situation around.

The JC exams are the being held for the first time in five years after government suspended the exams in 2016.

NyaLonje subsequently underlined the importance of these exams in evaluating the learner and the education system.

“On the system side, JC examinations help us to evaluate how our learners, schools and how we as a country are performing. It is a good milestone to measure performance and give us signals where we are doing fine and where we need to improve.

“Also, the learners can evaluate themselves, while parents and guardians can also evaluate their children. Overall, many Malawians are happy that the exams are back” she said.  

She urged students from both schools to work hard and continue to be disciplined in and out of school.

“You are growing with every day that passes, one day you will be where we are standing. But what you should know is that success begins with discipline, and you do not have to wait for someone to force you to be disciplined.

“We always try our best to hold credible JCE and MSCE exams, but it also involves you to avoid cheating. If you start cheating at this level, what kind of leaders are you going to be? We do not want thieves of tomorrow because thieving starts by being dishonest with little things,” she said to some students at Likuni Boys Secondary School.

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