Ministry of health says no covid-19 vaccines will be destroyed this month end

Ministry of health says no Covid-19 vaccine will not be destroyed this month end as it has been circulating.

According to Dr. Mike Chisema, Deputy Director of Preventive Health Services responsible for immunization, said currently numbers of people going to vaccination centers is increasing and people now are willing to receive the vaccine.

Dr. Chisema made the remarks during an orientation Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) held for media practitioners on Monday.

“Most vaccines when they are produced they have six months shelf life. So, when they arrive in Malawi they are like three months or two months but our efforts should be not to allow any vaccine expire.

Chisema: Covid-19 vaccine uptake has increased

“Currently, we have almost utilized all the doses. For example, Lilongwe has utilized all its Astrazeneca vaccine and using Johnson and Johnson, so the fear of some vaccines expiring should not be there,” said Dr. Chisema.

Dr. Chisema said currently the country has managed to vaccinate almost 3.5 percent of the country's population.

In her remarks MRCS Director of Programs, Prisca Chisala said they thought of engaging the ministry of health to impart more knowledge on media practitioners for them to be disseminating right information about covid-19 vaccination.

Chisala said they are using different means to complement the Ministry of Health's efforts to curb the further spread of covid-19 in the country.

“We are not only complementing government’s activities regarding covid-19 vaccination but also seeking to address social adverse effects that people may have because of the pandemic,” said Chisala.

Chisala: MRCS is complementing Ministry of Health's efforts

Chisala added that MRCS’s interventions have been engaging different stakeholders that are influential in the fight against the pandemic and that the media is a powerful tool in the fight hence the engagement.

Malawi Red Cross Society together with the Ministry of Health is engaging in different interventions including bringing Covid-19 vaccination close to people.