Ministry of labour tells transporters to comply with the minimum wage for international truck drivers

The Ministry of Labour has told transporters in the country that they should comply with the minimum wage for international drivers which government fixed on January 1, 2021.

In a statement dated September, 29,2021, Deputy Minister of Labour Vera Kamtukule said the government fixed the minimum wage for the international truck drivers at K140, 000 per month effective January 1, 2021 and that it was done after consultations with all the relevant stakeholders, including transporters and truck drivers themselves whereby the minimum wage was duly gazetted.

“The Ministry of Labour has, however, noted with great concern that some transporters are not complying with the above-stated minimum wage to this. The Ministry wishes to wishes to warn such that according to section 55 of the Employment Act of 200, non-compliance with the minimum wage is an offense punishable by under the Act and carries a maximum of 10 years imprisonment”, reads the part of the statement.

Meanwhile, the Ministry says all non-complying employers are advised to immediately take corrective measures and that the truck drivers who are being paid below the above-stated minimum wage should report to the Ministry for immediate action.

It has been revealed that some truck drivers in the country are receiving low salaries of about K40, 000 per month. This has forced the drivers to down tools, demanding an increase in the salaries and improvement of their welfare.

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