Mota Engil on a drive to conserve environment

Mota Engil Communications Specialist, Thomas Chafunya has said that his company is on a mission to work with the government and other organizations in conserving the environment by among others taking part in planting trees in the country.

He made the remarks on Tuesday after Mota Engil donated 1200 fruit seedlings to Lilongwe City Council (LCC) to be planted in some schools located in Lilongwe city.

Chafunya said that his company is devoted to taking part in the country’s activities hence its commitment to support in conserving the environment.

Chafunya : Our commitment in Malawi is just the same as what we do in other countries-pic by Moses Nyirenda.

“Mota Engil is obliged to be part and parcel of various activities that take place in the country and we are now open to working with government and other stakeholders in conserving the environment in order to help in creating a sustainable future of our country.

“Our commitment in Malawi is just the same as what we do in other countries where we do different environmental conservation programs such as water treatment and clean-up exercises,” Chafunya said.

One of the Motor Engil officials presented the donation by planting a tree at LCC garden at Area 13, Lilongwe-pic by Moses Nyirenda

Asked what motivated Mota Engil to donate fruit seedlings to LCC, the Communications Specialist said that the donation is the response to Greening Lilongwe Campaign which LCC is implementing in Lilongwe city.

“We have made the donation to LCC as one way of responding to the call from the mayor’s office asking for support towards the campaign which is aiming at restoring the environment in Lilongwe city.

“The trees that we have donated are intended to be planted in some schools within Lilongwe city,” he said.

In his remarks, Lilongwe city Mayor, Richard Banda applauded Mota Engil for its timely donation of seedlings to LCC.

Lilongwe City Mayor
Banda: The donation of trees by Motor Engil is the blessing to the council-pic by Moses Nyirenda

“The donation of seedlings by Mota Engil is the blessing to the council, we launched Greening Lilongwe Campaign almost three months ago and we are so happy to see that the campaign is being well supported by companies and organizations,” Banda said.

The seedlings that have been donated will be planted in five schools within Lilongwe city and the schools are; Chimutu, Mkwichi, Chatuwa, Kalonga and Chilambula Primary School, according to the Mayor.