Mpinganjira convicted in bribery case

Blantyre High Court has on Friday convicted business mogul Dr. Thomson Mpinganjira on bribe cases that he attempted to bribe a panel of five Judges who were hearing the high-profile presidential elections case.

High Court Judge Justice Dorothy De Gabrielle started giving the judgement by giving details on witnesses which were paraded in the case.

Degabrielle has told the court that the accused Thom Mpinganjira had four witnesses in his defence but only two testified.  

In her judgement, De Gabrielle found Mpinganjira guilty of two charges out of the six charges which were levelled against him.

Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle said the court finds that the charge that Mpinganjira was inducing and offering an advantage to the judges to make sure that the constitutional case on elections was in favour of DPP and MEC is true.

In mitigation, Mpinganjira’s defence lawyer said the accused is a first offender and that at 60 years old, he is old and is a family man with children and grandchildren who look up to him.

The defence lawyers also said a lot of businesses will be affected and asked for leniency.

In response, lead prosecutor Reyneck Matemba said the offences which the convict committed erodes his uprightness and he should not be defended because he is not an upright man.

Matemba added that Mpinganjira should have known that people, including his family, will be affected before committing the crime.

The lead prosecutor said the judge should not be lenient with him because he cannot imagine what would have happened if Mpinganjira was successful.

He said if Mpinganjira had succeeded, this country would have been in a chaotic situation.

He has since prayed to the court that it should give Mpinganjira a custodial sentence that will deter would-be offenders.

Mpinganjira’s bail has since been revoked and he will be sent back to Chichiri prison

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