Mponda Charitable Organization warns youth against drug and substance abuse

Zomba-based Friends of Mponda Charitable Organisation has advised youths in the Zomba district to refrain from the use of drugs and substance abuse to become productive citizens of the country. 

The organization's Public Relations Officer Steve Sabola made the sentiments during a meeting they had with officials from different football clubs participating in the Friends of Mponda league which was launched in Traditional Authority Mwambo in the district. 

Sabola said the use of drugs and substances among the youths which is rampant in the country is negatively affecting youths in various ways such as performances in either football career or academically. 

He further said that the organization introduced the football league in the area to keep youths and other community members busy with the sport so that they should not have the opportunity to indulge in bad practices that may put their lives at risk.

"We know that these drugs and substances once abused, destroy a system of a person mentally which affects the performance of people in different sectors such as sports, academics as they force them to drop out of school. As an organization, we put much effort to keep the youths busy with various sporting activities so that they should focus on their future and career," said Sabola. 

Mponda Charitable Organisation briefing football teams' represenatives on drug and substance abuse

Sabola added that the organization will soon embark on an initiative aimed at imparting knowledge and technical skills to youths from all football clubs in making fertilizer, manure, and plain papers among others through waste recycling so that football clubs should be able to generate their funds to run football in the area.  

"Football clubs from rural areas are failing to progress with football career due to lack of funds, therefore, this initiative of recycling waste materials to usable products will help boost football sport in rural areas," he added. 

Commenting on the matter, Sports Director for Friends of Mponda Football League Christopher Katogo said the meeting has helped the players to recognize tips on how they can advance their football careers. 

He added that the league which was launched some months ago is progressing well, and the coming of Friends of Mponda with the competition is helping youths and communities to have what to do and hence promote football sport in the area. 

Meanwhile, Zomba District Football Association warned well-wishers and organizations to follow required procedures when they want to launch a football competition for the association to provide technical expertise.