MRCS commemorates red cross day with a call for support from the general public in its interventions

MRCS commemorates red cross day with a call for support from the general public in its interventions

Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) today, 8 May joins the global community in commemorating World Red Cross and Red Crescent day with a call to the public and the world at large to support the society and its volunteers as the support vulnerable communities.

MRCS has also urged the public to listen and take up all messages that red cross volunteers disseminate regarding different interventions.

In a statement released on Sunday, President of MRCS Innocent Majiya says the society on the day pays tribute to all those individuals who selflessly help others in need.

Majiya says when all small local actions multiply, the impact can be enormous.

According to the statement, MRCS staff and volunteers have been supporting communities affected by Tropical Cyclone ANA, Tropical Cyclone GOMBE with search and Rescue, First Aid, Evacuation, Camp setup and Management and distribution of Food and Non-Food items.

Among other interventions, MRCS staff have also been supporting communities with COVID-19 prevention and Vaccine awareness campaigns as well as Polio vaccine campaign.

“In the worst situations, Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers remain lifelines to local communities, sometimes at risk to their own safety,” said Majiya.

A MRCS staff reaches out to a beneficiary

According to Majiya, the dedication of Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers should remind every person why it is a must to invest in local action and nurture humanity and kindness.

Currently, MRCS has 75,000 volunteers who Z

uring the recent disasters and cyclones have made MRCS reached out to more than 20,000 people with aid.

Together, the Red Cross and Red Crescent reached 688 million people affected by disasters and other emergencies, 306 million with health services, 126 million with clean water and improved sanitation and facilitated 1.5 million phone and video calls between families separated by disaster, violence, conflict or quarantine, a call every minute of the year.

On 8 May, the Inter1 Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement celebrates the dedication, compassion, courage and impact of millions of volunteers and countless others who offer help, care, and life-saving services to people in their communities.


This year the day is being commemorated under the theme, believe in the power of kindness.