MRCS donates basic items to Mozambican refugees in Mangochi

Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) on Tuesday donated assorted items to 17 Mozambicans who have fled their homes and are now seeking asylum in Mangochi South due to the insurgency taking place in that country.

The people fled their homes and arrived in Malawi on December 21 last year after hearing of insurgency near their village in Malanga District in Lichinga Province.

Speaking after presenting the items, Head of Disaster Management for (MRCS), Aston Mulwafu, said the society saw it necessary to assist the asylum seekers with basic needs to allow them to start a new life.

“These people require a lot of support, they need food, shelter, sanitation, and health items and this is why we came with some items like blankets, soap, kitchen utensils, and tarpaulins to allow them to start their lives again,” he said.

Mulwafu, however, did not express MRCS’s commitment to assisting the asylum seekers with humanitarian needs, saying that, that would depend on guidance from the government through Mangochi District Council.

In an interview, Principal Registration Officer for Mangochi District Council, Boniface Butao who represented the District Commissioner, hailed MRCS for the assistance, saying this would ease some of the challenges the Mozambican family was facing.

Namanya Anderson receiving humanitarian from the Malawi Red Cross Soceity. Pic Ernest Mfunya (Mana)
One of the asylum seekers receiving humanitarian from the Malawi Red Cross Society. Pic Ernest Mfunya (Mana)

He further said that the local council, on its own, could not reach out to the needy people, hence the need for collaboration in assisting them.

According to Butao, the council was yet to register the Mozambicans as asylum seekers, saying the process would be done shortly to ensure that the people receive the right attention using proper channels.

“The council will be registering them as asylum seekers and after that, we will be able to assist them using proper channels that are followed when a country has asylum seekers,” he added.

Commenting after receiving the items, Namanya Anderson who is family head, expressed gratitude to MRCS and Mangochi District Council, saying the assistance had come at the right time.

Anderson, 78, who has a wife, children, and grandchildren, said the assistance will help mitigate some of the challenges they were facing.

Anderson said he and the family fled their village due to Al-Shabaab militants.