Mtukula Pakhomo gives hope for quality life in KU

After seeing the quality of life of her household improve, Violet Phiri, a beneficiary of Social Cash Transfer (SCT) also known as ‘Mtukula Pakhomo’, hopes things will only get better for her family with what the family has acquired out of the Programme.

The 41-year-old from Chipulupuju village in Sub Traditional Authority (STA) Kapichira in Kasungu has managed to turn around the quality of life for her family since being introduced into Mtukula Pakhomo.

“My family used to be in abject poverty struggling to find food, send children to school and afford a decent place to stay.

The coming in of Mtukula Pakhomo in 2018 has bailed me from the misery of poverty and now I can point out that there is a significant change in the quality of life,” said Phiri.

Phiri and her husband, Levison, 49, are now able to rent a piece of land where they do their farming, they are keeping livestock like goats and pigs, are able to support their three children with school needs and the household eat nutritious food.

“The way Mtukula Pakhomo has supported this family, we are hoping that our lives will continue to improve for the better as we have a proper dwelling house, we have food even during the lean period, and the children are going to school,” she said.

Community Social Support Committee (CSSC) member Isaac Connex from Kapichira Cluster said he was optimistic that cash transfers from ‘Mtukula Pakhomo’ are helping families to move out of poverty.

Mtukula pakhomo
The Phiris showing one of their goats.

“Most of the beneficiaries here at Kapichira have done well with the cash they receive, evidenced by what they have accumulated like houses, livestock, and the important thing of sending children to school,” said Connex.

Social Welfare Officer at Kasungu District Council Raphael Chitete echoed Connex sentiments saying there is a clear indication of Mtukula Pakhomo success in Kasungu.

“The response from the beneficiaries has been very good in the sense that there has been a good use of the cash transfers. The beneficiaries have erected good houses, they are sending children to school, they have livestock and are able to eat nutritious food,” said Chitete.

Kasungu district council receives its funding from the World Bank through 1 Local Government Finance Committee (NLGFC) to implement Mtukula Pakhomo and has 160 clusters in 30 TAs.