Mubas student invents fireless cooker

A fourth year student in Bachelor of Environmental Science and Technology at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Science ( MUBAS) formerly the Polytechnic Paul Kaipa has invented a fireless cooker which is used to cook meals by retaining heat from the thermal insulating locally found materials used to make the cooker.

In a separate interview, Kaipa said he came up with this project in order to reduce the rate of deforestation in the country since the cooker he has invented does not use charcoal or firewood.

“Fireless cooker is a basket or any container made of Palm leaves (Mlaza). It uses a simple process in which food is brought to boil , simmered for few minutes and put in the fireless cooker to continue cooking,” explained Kaipa.

Kaipa with the cookers

In his comment, MUBAS Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Associate Professor Betchani Tchereni commended Kaipa for coming up with this project.

He said that this is what MUBAS is envisage, to produce graduates who are innovative and have enteprenuership skills which can be used in the future.

“We are very happy to see him inventing this fireless cooker which is useful in the fight against deforestation. As an institution, this what we want and produce more students like Kaipa who will help developing the nation once they go in industry,” said Tchereni.

Kaipa’s cooker is a call attention in the fight against deforestation which is rampant in the country placing Malawi on the danger point of unexpected climate change.

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