MUST closes as students disrupt exam progress

The Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) has closed following the violence that ensued at the institution due to misunderstandings that ensued between students and administration of the institution.

The misunderstandings ensued following the institution’s decision not to administer examinations to students with school fees balances.

Confirming the development, MUST Communications Manager James Mphande said the students were already informed that the examinations will only be administered to students who have paid their school fees.

“On Monday we were supposed to start administering exams and we had communicated to the students that only those that have cleared their balances will be allowed to sit for examinations,” said Mphande.

Mphande said the students reacted to the decision three days later and after negotiations, it was agreed that only those that had paid 75% of the fees will be allowed to write examinations.

He also said following the development, needy students were also allowed to write examinations.

Mphande said on Monday when students were writing examinations some students entered the classrooms and disrupted the examinations.

“Following this some students and staff were harassed in the process and we decided to close the school to make sure that there is peace and order,” added Mphande.