Mzuzu Golf Club refurbished

Mzuzu, October 18, Mana: Mzuzu Golfers can now breathe a sigh of relief following plans Sunbird Hotel has put in place to refurbish Mzuzu Golf Club after three years of dormancy a situation that let down golfers.

In an interview with Mana on Monday, Mzuzu Golf Club President, Lieutenant Kenal Chazema said the golf has been dormant for three years.

“When I got my presidency of the club this has been one of my objectives to revive Mzuzu Golf Club which has not been active for some time,” Chazema said.

Mzuzu Golf Club
Chazema: One of my objectives was to revive Mzuzu Golf Club- Pic By- Gracian Jeke- Mana

He said it is very worrisome to see other people who are encroaching in the golf course, a development he said has lowered the standard to the sport.

He said however said it is time now to change things for the better and urged stakeholders to support the improvement of the golf course.

“As you may be aware that there is a lot of encroachment for the golf course so it is up run to fence the whole golf course to make sure that only golf takes place. The program has already started with the help of Mzuzu Sunbird,” he added.

Chazema disclosed that soon they will organize a social golf tournament so as to promote the sport by reviving and unearthing the hidden talent which was in the past years.

He said through the tournament young boys who used to play football will be given balls as a way of also promoting young footballer. 

“Boys who like playing football in the golf course will be allowed to play football in the football but not in golf club but rather at the football ground.

Mzuzu Golf Club Captain, Chrispin Mphande attributed the inactiveness of golfers to the transfer of power from Mzuzu Golf Club to Sunbird.

“Two things made Mzuzu Golf Club to be dormant for quite some time. First part of it was time when there was transfer of powers from us as Mzuzu Golf Club to Sunbird. Sunbird took over and now they were going into logistics on how best to work on the golf course.

“Second part of it was Covid-19. The business affected Sunbird so they didn’t put much effort to the golf course. They put much emphasis on refurbishing the golf club. So they spent more time from the golf club and then started the perimeter wall so working in the golf course itself delayed for almost two years,” Mphande said.

He said Sunbird has now taken over of Mzuzu Golf Club including the maintenance of the golf course and construction of the perimeter wall.

Mphande said he is very much hopeful of reviving gold in Mzuzu saying the number of people willing to learn golf is now increasing.

“This is giving us the morale that they will have a lot of golfers from the North and build a strong team,” he said.

Mzuzu Golf Club on Saturday played Social Golf Tournament where they started with nine horse and next Saturday they will play eighteen horse.


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