Naturekit bemoans lack of knowledge on environment deters wildlife conservation

Lack of knowledge on wildlife and environment conservation is said to be the major contributing factor to the extinction of endangered species in the country.

Leader for Naturekit, a Kasungu based youth environmental organisation Steven Makumba told us in an interview that this development creates a gap between conservation and environmental degradation.

The remarks came at the end of a four days cohort on conservation of endangered mammals which targets schools in the district.

According to Makumba, Naturekit targets the youths with the information of conservation of endangered mammals to make the youths agents of conservation who will look after nature.

“We would like to create a bond between youths and environment so that these youths should become educators, campaigners, advocates and leaders who will give nature a voice. We would like to see these youths spread conservation messages to their fellow youths and community members,” said Makumba.

Makumba further said conservation of endangered mammals such as Lions, Elephants and Pangolins help to support ecosystem, help in aeration and mixing of soil, and promote tourism.

Makumba: endangered mammals are important regardless of their size

“Each and every species that nature gave is of paramount importance, and if we are to lose some of these species, no matter how big or small, it creates a change in ecosystem,” explained Makumba.

Speaking after the cohort, one of the attendees Chancy Chirwa hailed Naturekit for the training, saying it has helped him understand roles Lions, Elephants and Pangolins play.

Group discussions at Chulu CDSS during Naturekit’s recent cohort

“We have learnt on how we can conserve wildlife. We have learnt that Lions and Elephants promote tourism. We have also learnt how important Pangolins are to nature,” said Chirwa.

The training was funded by Fresno Chaffee Zoo Conservation Fund.

Naturekit has been organising cohorts on conservation of endangered mammals and proper waste management with an aim of mentoring youths to have knowledge and experience in conservation issues.

So far, Naturekit has conducted the cohorts in schools such as Chulu Community Day Secondary School (CDSS), Chanthope CDSS, Chankhanga CDSS, Linyangwa CDSS and Boma CDSS.

In a related development, Naturekit recently donated 30 desks worth more than MK900, 000 to Nkhanga Primary school in district.

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