Naturekit mentors youths on wildlife conservation

As various stakeholders in the environmental sector continue to advocate for conservation of endangered species in the country, Kasungu based youth organization Naturekit has taken a further step forward in conservation.

The youth organization according to its leader Steven Makumba has embarked on a journey in which its mentees are providing environmental leadership skills to youths in Primary Schools in the district.

Makumba told Nthanda Times that Naturekit has targeted youths so that they can mentor each other on the need to conserve endangered species in the country.

Kasungu Demonstration Primary school student during the mentorship program

“The aim of this program is to ensure that the youths are able to mentor each other on conservation issues so that they take an active role in protecting the environment at a tender age,” said Makumba.

Makumba further said Naturekit is targeting issues on environmental activism.

The Naturekit leader revealed that the youth organization mentored youths on the conservation of endangered mammals such as Pangolins, elephants, and lions.

“Recently, issues of illegal possession and trafficking of endangered species in the country have been witnessed as people are being dupped to consider it as a source of income. Pangolins play a major role in ecosystems. Elephants have also been subjected to poaching as well as Lions,” he said.

Thawe Primary School students during the mentorship program

Recently, the youth organization visited Thawe Primary School in the district with the same message of the need to conserve wildlife in the country.

Makumba said it is Naturekit’s dream to reach to many youths with the message of conserving wildlife in the country.

“We are not stopping here. We will be doing such activities weekly to different primary schools in Kasungu,” said Makumba.

Naturekit is conducting the mentorships with funding from Crowder Messermith Conservation Fund and IdealWild.